Rare Red Amethyst Raw Point

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Directly from Brazil! This is a very rare specimen of Amethyst. The red color is due to the traces of Hematite, so just imagine the energy this piece has.

  • Hematite is a grounding stone gives you focus, calm, and balance. It absorbs all the toxic emotions that are holding you back to true joy. It supports good circulation and blood purification. 
  • Amethyst is the stone of "spirituality and contentment". It transmutes lower energies to high-level energies. Connect you with other worlds while maintaining a balance with your mind, body, and spirit - which it is good to use in meditations. It puts you in a protective shield. It supports detaching from addictions. 

Having both minerals together helps you be more grounded while pursuit your purpose in life. It boosts your confidence to start something new, or just to BE YOURSELF, boost passion, self-awareness, and heal emotionally.